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Introducing our Boomer's Fall Prevention Program!!!

     Active Life offers a highly successful, evidence based Fall Prevention Program for those aged 65 or above. Falls are the leading cause of injury-related visits to emergency departments in the United States and the primary etiology of accidental deaths in persons over the age of 65. In fact, 70% of accidental deaths in persons 75 years of age or older as attributed to falls.

     Our Boomer's Program is a 4-6 week program that focuses on prevention and maintaining function into our "Boomer" years. This program begins with a thorough movement, orthopedic and soft tissue screen to identify any imbalances, weakness or restrictions. We then take that information and customize a program based on those findings in conjunction with  your short and long term goals. We will also instruct you on what to do and how to get up in case a fall does occur at home. Our program utilizes chiropractic care along with balance/proprioception training, Mobility/Range of Motion Training, Muscular endurance and muscular strength training. This program is designed in a stair-step manner so that as you get stronger and improve, the exercises change in order to challenge you further. This allows you to continue to improve and avoid training plateaus. Active Life will also customize an At-Home training program so that you can continue your exercises even after the program has finished!

CALL NOW for more information on Our NEW Boomer's Fall Prevention Program or Schedule online above!

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