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Chiropractic care is a non-surgical, non-drug, hands-on approach to healthcare focused on disorders of the musculoskeletal & nervous system. Chiropractic is utilized to treat neuromusculoskeletal complaints through spinal manipulation mobilization & manual therapy of the muscles & soft tissues. Chiropractic appointment with our chiropractor, Dr. Andrew Spiczenski, typically last 40 minute for a New Patient visit and 20-30 for Established Patients. Chiropractic care is used to treat a wide variety of disorders including, but not limited to, low back pain, upper back/neck pain, pain in the arms & legs, headaches and temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ/TMD). 


A chiropractic appointment with Dr. Andrew involves much more than just a quick adjustment & out the door. Dr. Andrew utilizes a combination of many different therapies such as myofascial release, Chiropractic adjustments, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, deep tissue release, dry needling, spinal decompression & a corrective exercises care plan. Your first visit typically includes a detailed history, orthopedic & movement screen, medical exam, & a soft tissue evaluation in order to detect for dysfunctional and/or painful movement patterns. Dr. Andrew will then take the findings & create a customized treatment plan to treat your specific condition.


Dr. Andrew's approach to chiropractic care is designed to get you well & just as importantly, to keep you well. Our unique approach allows us to take our time treating our patients and to make sure that all of your concerns are heard. There are no unnecessary long-term, multiple visit plans that you may have experienced at other chiropractic offices. We treat our patients only as often as needed and we strive to get you well as effectively & efficiently as possible.

Chiropractic Care
Benefits of Chiropratic
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