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Corrective Exercises & Rehabilitation

Corrective rehabilitation involves the use exercise and movement patterns in order to fix faulty movement patterns, address asymmetries and to fix muscle imbalances. At Active Life, we always start with various movement screens and tests in order to determine where these imbalances lie. These screens can be used as an aid so that we are able to determine the source of the injury. Using those results, we are able to develop a customized corrective exercise program that will help to restore proper movement patterns.


Corrective exercise programs include breathing assessments/exercies, mobility, balance & stability training depending on where the issue lies. At Active Life we believe that movement is medicine. Move better, feel better!

Our rehabilitation room at Active Life serving Mead & Longmont area
Patients J & K working on their Core Exercises

Functional Exercises & Rehabilitation

Functional Rehabilitation is the next step in the rehab program after we have redeveloped mobility and stability in the body. Functional rehab helps to retrain the injured muscles and affected area so that we can prevent future injury & restore overall balance in the body. Once these issued have been resolved and we have reached a pain-free range of motion, we can start rebuilding muscle strength, muscle endurance and muscle power.


At Active Life, our functional rehab programs are designed to train and guide your muscles based on different frequencies, intensities and durations, depending on your individual goals.


Using our functional rehab programs, we are able to help you train for your next marathon or 5K race, prevent injury or simply to maximize wellness.

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