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Dry Needling review for Active Life Chiropractic in Mead
Rehabilitation and more at Active Life Chiropractic serving Mead, Longmont and neighboring towns
Chiropractic review for Active Life
Physical Therapy and Massage you can trust at Active Life Chiropractic
Personalized Chiropractic care is at the heart of Active Life

"I hurt my rotator cuff last Spring, and I truly wish I would have started therapy with these guys sooner! I'm in my fifth week of appointments, and the difference in my shoulder is amazing! Very professional and safe atmosphere, and the techniques work wonders! Highly recommend! "- Sarah H.

"Joelle was able to make the pain in my shoulders decrease and increase my range of motion, something that at least 2 other MTs had not been able to do! Her massages were the only thing that kept my shoulders healthy enough to keep up my workouts. She creates a great environment during massages and is well worth a visit!!!!" - Regina S.

"Andy and Joelle have been able to eliminate chronic problems I have with the neck, back and shoulders. Last visit I told Andy I thought it was time to get my left shoulder shot-up due to the pain. After discussing it, he proceeded to work on my rotator cuff muscles, using pressure points and other Chiropractic magic. I went to bed that night feeling almost no pain at all and woke up feeling the same. Joelle gives the best massages I have ever received and I've gotten them for 35 years" - Paul H.

"Joelle is an AMAZING MT!!!! She is So knowledgable and professional! Her knowledge of the human body surpasses anyone I've ever been too! She knows the O's and I's of every muscle and can follow it up to where the knot is! LOVE IT! I will DEF be getting more from her in the future!" - Zoé L.

"Dr. Andy is a great chiropractor who not only does manipulations, but also understands the importance of the muscular system to maintain health and alignment. He takes time to do assessments, muscle work, dry needling, and strength training based on individual needs. Joelle is the best masseuse I have ever had! She doesn't just massage over the knots... she takes the time to get out each and every one! I will be a customer for life!!" - Jennifer S.

Testimonial for the Chiropractic Drs. at Active Life
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Active Life for all your Chiropractic needs in Mead, Longmont and neighboring towns

"These two are amazing between massages and Adjustments, I do not get headaches very often anymore. The patches they have for headaches are amazing also. They work like a charm. I am getting the word out to everyone I work with, and they are going to make appointments. Thank you so much." - Jennifer L.

"Lots of pain from my neck to my lower back. Got in for a massage and the Doc worked me in right after for an adjustment. I didn't realize how great I felt until I noticed I slept through the night. I have arthritis in my big toe joint. If I pop my ankle it relieves the pain in my toe. (don't ask me why, I just learned it from another doc). Lately I haven't been able to pop it and my toe is killin! After my adjustment I was able to pop my ankle again. Toe feels better. Thanks ALC & M!!" - Lori T

"Great customer service and absolutely magical Chiropractic treatments. Not every chiropractor understands the needs of the serious adult athlete. Andrew understands and appreciates the need to get back to training as soon as possible. He’s amazing! I see this as more of a sports medicine clinic than a simple chiropractic office. They work wonders!" - Shannon N.

Medical Massage for residents of Longmont, CO at Active Life
Massage Therapy to aid in healing at Active Life Chiropractic

"I've been to a lot of chiropractors, DO's, MDs and other who practice the fine art of keeping our bodies working through it's ranges of motion, and Andy is the best ever. He listens attentively and then gets busy treating the affected areas. I highly recommend him!" - Gary H.

"I am constantly on my feet and on the go, so back pain is nothing new to me. I scheduled my massage and was able to get in right away. There was no wait when I arrived, and Joelle really took the time to listen to my needs. She helped me determine the massage I needed. She spent the time to get every knot out while constantly checking to see if the pressure was comfortable. She truly cares about your well being. I felt so relieved of pain afterwards. She is truly amazing!" - Briana R.

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